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New Book

No Excuses! A Brief Survival Guide to Freshman Composition

There is nothing like it in the market. This inexpensive brief, 88 page, conversational style book by Miami Dade College Professor, Carolina Hospital, is filled with suggestions for surviving freshman composition. It combines personal anecdotes and bits of wisdom, with practical tips. NO EXCUSES! A BRIEF SURVIVAL GUIDE TO FRESHMAN COMPOSITION contains brief 2-3 page cleverly titled chapters like “Why Me?” dealing with student negativity towards writing and “Forget About Easy” addressing the hard work of writing and its rewards. Additional chapters consider process, structure, clarity, and emphasis, but in more appealing ways than a typical textbook.

ISBN-10:1491240792 / ISBN-13: 978-1491240793

Available in paperback at Amazon for only $5.95 and in Kindle for $3.95.